For over 14 years we have been passionate about interiors and working hard to inspire homeowners and developers in creating comfortable homes and spaces that work superbly. We believe a room should be collected, not decorated; a style that can be translated by personal and meaningful, fusing modern and traditional elements. For that we subscribe to the importance of properly proportioned structures and details, incorporating our customers own pieces together with handpicked contemporary and more antique items.

Every project is different; that’s why we start with understanding your ideas and what inspire you, and together with our experience, we will help you create your dream home. Whether it is to help you select the perfect colour for your new sitting room, or re-design a floor space or project manage an entire house refurbishment, we will see your project through to its smallest details and we will be with you every step of the way.

Aspects of our activities include:


A lot of people know what they like but just don’t know how to pull it all together. This is where we can certainly help. Come see us in the shop or we will come to you. It can be that you want to create a cosy living room or redecorate the bedrooms or an entire house. The first thing we like to do is get to know our customers; we want to know their tastes, their likes and dislikes, what type of an atmosphere do they want to enjoy, and the goals they have for their home. We then go away and come back with a few options. You can then pick up your very best or a mix of them. The project can stop there or we could see it coming to completion. Best is to come see us so we can discuss how we can help.


Is often the most critical step of an interior project. This is when we evaluate and optimise the layout of the spaces for furniture layout, traffic flow, different walls, room adjacencies, and increased efficiency and storage. Whether your project is remodelling an outdated bathroom, extending a kitchen/dining area, or transforming a one-bed into a two-bed flat, we will combine our knowledge of architecture, design, and materials with our deep understanding of aesthetic and efficiency to create a solution that fits your lifestyle.


Colour is all around us, it affects our moods, it lifts our spirits, it conveys our personalities. Most people are drawn to colour. That is until the time comes to choose exterior or interior paint colours for our homes or offices. You see pictures in magazines and love the colour combinations the designers use. But when it comes the time to make a decision about choosing a colour for your own place, anxiety sets in. There's something about choosing colour that strikes fear in the hearts of most people: "What if I choose the wrong one?", "what if it doesn't work?”. One colour misstep can trigger a big interior blunder, and costly at that. The opinion of a professional can make all the difference. And we are on hand to help you choose the perfect colours that are exactly ‘you’. You can either come see us or one of us can come to you. We will listen to your ideas, your inspirations and what look you are hoping to create. We will review the whole place, including the exterior, even if only painting one room, to ensure flow, balance, harmony and continuity are achieved. Getting it right the first time will save time and money.


From a decorating project to a kitchen extension, from a new bathroom fitted in to a whole house refurbishment, should you wish to get on with your day-to-day life with the peace of mind that your project runs smoothly and results in a successful outcome, then we can do that for you. Our expertise carries over to the building and management processes. Between concept and completion, there’s a lot of activity taking place that needs to be tightly managed. The key to making sure everything comes together is a project management approach that is rigid when it needs to be but flexible enough to adapt to unexpected events. We are used to working with builders, we speak their language. We make sure they understand the plans, add in all discussed finishes and materials, and work to deadlines. We coordinate with the trades and are available to answer questions. Each project is undertaken with clear goals and the same meticulous attention to detail is paid to managing budgets as creating striking polished results. We’re also the last ones to leave before the keys get handed over to you. Feel free to come see us to discuss how we can help with your project.